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    Sheppard AFB, TX - Chaplain

    Office of the Wing Chaplain
    82 TRW/HC
    Sheppard AFB
    DSN 736-4370

    Sheppard AFB has both Protestant and Catholic Chaplains available for counseling and other religious needs. If you have any other religious needs that cannot be provided by our Chaplains, many different lay leaders representing various faiths are also available. Please contact us at 940-676-4370 for more information.

    Catholic Services
    Mass 96 0900 & 1200 (North Chapel)

    Weekday Mass
    Mon-Thurs: 1130 (North Chapel)

    By appointment

    Protestant Services
    Contemporary Worship Service 96 1030 (North Chapel)
    Gospel Worship Service 96 1030 (South Chapel)
    Traditional Worship Service 96 1700 (North Chapel)

    Latter-Day Saints Services
    Service 96 1400 (North Chapel)

    Study Group 96 1900 (Solid Rock CafE9)

    Wiccan Discussion Group
    Sunday, 1400 (Solid Rock CafE9)

    Buddhist Discussion Group
    Sunday, 1600 (Solid Rock CafE9)